under the windmills

between beauty and monstrosity - what do we need to live?

"under the windmills" is researching different possibilities to meet this machines
nowadays populating the landscape - fascination, scare, annoyance, curiosity.

2 speakers, subwoofer, CD - player

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konfrontationen day 1

Thu July 18, 2013

jazzgalerie, nickelsdorf, Austria

sonja labianca - saxophone
maria bertel - trombone
anja jacobsen, jaleh negari - drums

*cosmic brujo mutafuka*
marco eneidi - alto saxophone
itzam cano - double bass
gabriel lauber - drums

tristan honsinger - cello
chino shuichi - piano

eddie prevost - drums, percussion
john butcher - saxophones
guillaume viltard - double bass

all 4 days: soundart#5
attila faravelli: aural tools | christine schörkhuber: point of view | robert mathy: volume | sivan eldar/anna adler: compositions for leaves | noid: under the windmills | wolfgang fuchs: v.i.p.