research project on snare drums as resonant objects

during a one month residency @ qo-2 / brussels in may 2019 I started to research the possibilities of using 12 chromatically tuned snare drums as an extension of the cello.

the outcome so far is a version for cello and one resonant snare drum, premiered at zentrale wien, and a sound installation for 12 chromatically tuned snare drums and amplified ambience (not yet been premiered)

the project was kindly supported by the austrian chancellary BKA & the municipality of vienna MA7


SYMPATHY @qo2: snares-birds-talking-cars-ringtone-wind

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noid / nichola scrutton

Mon May 27, 2019

q-o2, brussels, Belgium

noid: sympathy for cello and 12 resonant snare drums
nichola scrutton: vocal improvisation