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a performance, combining concert and installation,
reading the architecture of a venue as a musical score while using it as a musical instrument.

the work explores acustic phenomena of the venue and sounds that are part of the building.
the acoustics of the rooms is excited by a flexible spatial loudspeaker setup and sounding objects / instruments.

based on a thorough research of the architecture and soundings of the venue the work combines imaginary sounds [generated by instruments] with concrete sounds of the space and them into a composition specialy done for every building.

paisaxe sonora do Centro Galego do Arte Contemporáneo | Santiago de Compostella E 2009-06-06 | Klaus Filip & noid
soundscape for Essl Museum | Klosterneuburg A 2012-10-03 | Klaus Filip & noid
playing the rhiz | wien A 2015-12-16 | dieb13 & noid

playing the rhiz paisaxe sonora do soundscape for essl museum

paisaxe sonora do Centro Galego do Arte Contemporáneo [klaus filip & noid: electronic & acoustic interventions]

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Wed December 16, 2015derbloededrittemittwoch #48rhiz, wien, Austria
Wed October 03, 2012soundscape for essl museumessl museum, klosterneuburg, Austria
Sat June 06, 2009paisaxe sonora do cgaccgac, santiago de compostela, Spain