remarks on the architecture of the ancients

The decline of a metropolis leaves behind a void – to be filled with our wishes and imaginations, personal and collective utopias projected onto history.

I will not attempt to fill this absence, rather I will try to emphasize it's emptiness.
A topological survey that is not constrained to the relicts – my interest is that imaginary public space evoked by the historical background radiation of what we consider the birth of modern society – triggering a social reverberation chamber.

The sense we use to truly experience space is our hearing – I will try to make the volume of the ancient city of Messene resonate for a moment. Working with large scales and micro informations, sing impulses and their responses – empty rooms have much richer reverbs.


Andreas Rohmer | Barbara Gonzales | BMB con: Justin Bennett + Roelf Toxopeus | Christian Espinoza | Eleni Kavouki | Els Viaene | Eric Lewis | Fernando Godoy | Florian Tuercke | Franziska Windisch | Hanna Hartmann | Jake Moore | Jamie Allen | John Grzinich | Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt | Maria Papadomanolaki | Mario de Vega | Martin Howse | Nicolas Spencer | Nikitas Vassilakis | noid | Pablo Saavedra Arevalo | Paul Gründorfer | Rene Rissland | Steve Bates | Yann Leguay | Yiorgis Sakellariou

commisioned by the festival tuned city / Messene and performed on June 6th 2018

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