LOVE – 64 mating calls of a nightingale transcribed for violoncello @ 10% speed

A composition for cello solo, learned from a nightingale that was recorded on March 3rd 2011 around 2am @ Kleylehof / Nickelsdorf.

The original recording has ~6min, it was slowed down to 10% of the original speed, cut into single calls, and transcribed for cello call by call.

The deceleration works like a magnifying glass, revealing details that stay unnoticed by the human ear at the original bird-speed.

Every minute one call is played, lasting 15-40 seconds, followed by a pause until the next call starts. Like an hour bell telling the time the nightingale tells the minutes.

The calls of a nightingale are playing with repetition and variation, following strange hidden rules. Obviously they are a chant rather than a language.
An unusual music - no recognisable stable rhythm - featuring a multitude of sounds, melodies that follow unusual rules.

LOVE... @ entfernte erkundungen, lindabrunn 2021

LOVE - 64 mating calls LOVE - 32 mating calls

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werkschau 15jahre kleylehof13 - vernissage

Sat June 27, 2015

kleylehof 13, nickelsdorf, Austria

vernissage 17h
live 20h:
susanna gartmayer & dieb13
noid: love - 64 mating calls of a nightingale...
klaus filip: faserlace