a big huddle of portable music-listening devices [walkman, mp3-player, portable cd-player, cellphone, ipod, whatever] on a table, playing music through their headphones.

the audience is asked to bring their own mobile music-listening devices as a temporary donation to the huddle.

the audience is also invited to donate one of this devices permanently along with their personal music- choice if they like. i.e. in case they have one they don't use anymore.

the donated devices will be put on the table, playing whatever music they came with.

huddle @ roter krebs [ars electronica 2008]

/ huddle is a project dealing with the casual use of mobile music devices
/ it is taking a sample of what people are listening to, privately but in public space
/ simultaneously but each by oneself
/ huddle is creating a public but intimate space
/ a common reality, composed of individual choices


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Ihre Suche lieferte keine passenden Ergebnisse.

installation 'huddle', dj dr. didi bruckmayr @ars electronica08

Mon September 08, 2008

roter krebs, linz, Austria

ars electronica 08

a table full of mobile music-playback-devices.
concept by noid

dj dr. didi bruckmayr