el paraisofono

el paraisofono @ zentrale / wien 2018
el paraisofono @ zentrale / wien 2018

Arriving in Valparaiso, working with the idea of earthquakes was an obvious choice.
Looking at vibration as a friend, featuring the dichotomy between destruction and vibrancy, giving reason for permanent reconstruction.
Meeting the hills of Valparaiso - provisional - like a sleazy fabric - I found my material - a metal grid, a raw material used for construction or protection - something unfinished, temporary. I went to buy a rather fragile version and pretty much immediately I understood how it wants to be used: a surface to shake, to vibrate.

comissioned by Tsonami festival des artes sonora 2014



el paraisofono @ casa nekoe / valparaiso 2014

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tsonami festival

Thu December 04, 2014

tsonami festival, valparaiso, Chile

"el paraisofono" by noid
...and a lot of other artists t.b.a...