when banana boxes arrive here they have already travelled far in their designated purpose.
re-using them doesn't seem feasible, so they stay with us, waiting for a new use.
a profane object, carrying it's story of used up exotic and normalised globalisation.
they proved suitable to hold the belongings of people, that are privileged enough to move their stuff when they decide to change their place to stay, for transportation,
or to store stuff that's currently out of use. the standard size of the boxes is practical,
less practical are the holes in bottom and top.
they are quite stable, and have a good size to be still ok to handle, even if filled with heavy things like books.
they come for free and so it's quite common, to use them to store stuff that nobody will ever use again. until it finally get's discarded - often together with the box.
and the holes.

banana boxes, DC motors, amplifiers, digital audio player

[sound installation, noid 2017]

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