Among the many collaborations between klaus filip and noid "ease" is the only band,
performing continuously over the last 10 years. For this anniversary they release a CD with 2 tracks from live recordings:

1_ never: live @ Tzeni Zvuka Festival, esg21, St. Petersburg, 8.6.2014
2_ ever: live @ KLINGT.ORG Festival, brut, Wien, 10.1.2015

Their music generates a hypnotic atmosphere out of musical atoms: sine waves, noise and clicks.
Very pure, very fragile, beautifully restrained, creating abstract spaces and voids of many dimensions.

Both perform on "ppooll", a freeware-project driven by klaus filip with contributions from various users, including noid.
The instruments they use for "ease" are very much tailored to their needs, but freely available to anyone.

Klaus Filip's sine wave synth / 2D interface is a result of a 20+ years research and develop- ment in pure, generated sounds.

noid's approach starts from field-recording: noises from various mechanical devices like fans / AC's etc.. as well as nature recordings from wind,
geysirs, water, etc... revealing only microscopic traces of their origin.

Although the starting points are very different the 2 musicians meet in a shared understanding of aestetics, an antithesis to analogue.
2 musicians face to face on a table - 2 laptops - no nonsense - quasi acousmatic, the beauty of genuine truth.

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