Marina Džukljev, noid
inexhaustible editions


Marina Džukljev: church organ | Noid: cello


inexhaustible-editions #61 on bandcamp


“A fantastic duo of church organ and cello that steers into vaporous arrangements to formulate engaging, dissonant drone masses. The contrast and intersection of the two instruments’ timbres are revelatory, enhancing every sonic movement and expression. Džukljev and Noid explore discordant shards with precision. Quiet aural screams generate tension and unpredictability through frequency interference. A hardened edge emerges in the auditory periphery, trying to throw up boundaries to keep our focus from falling into the funereal abyss. In the closing stretches, hollow bass tones grow around the heightened cello textures, searing a lasting mark in the final notes.” Brad Rose, Foxy Digitalis


"Continents is an arresting sonic journey in a unique space and in time, with a most elusive sense of time. It blurs the distinction between sound art and music and employs beautifully the acoustic qualities of the space of the protestant church in Nickelsdorf. It contrasts the restless attempt to extend the sonic range of Noid’s amplified acoustic cello, with its accumulations of delicate, multiphonic tones and overtones, and the unsettling, quiet and almost static drones of Džukljev’s church organ, with its clear and sometimes distorted tones, and varies its fragile dynamics with subtle changes in density and fine adjustments in microtonality." Eyal Hareuveni, Salt Peanuts

  • Marina Džukljev - church organ | noid - cello

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