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....................... duo: kazuhisa uchihashi | noid .............................................................

... kazunoid ... full size ...

... kazuhisa uchihashi – guitar, daxophon, electronics
... noid – cello, selective amplification

an encounter of the lengendary ground zero guitarist from osaka and the fundamental researcher of cello playing from vienna.

in their duo uchihashi and noid oscillate between playfulness an abstraction, reduction and noise attacks. very personal playing techniques evoke a huge sonic range of their instruments that is even extended by the skillful use of electronics the possiblities of amplification.

seeming indirections turn out to be short cuts in search of the essence of sound and improvised interaction.

download info


...................... ease ................................................................................................

... ease ... full size ...

... klaus filip – ppooll [laptop]
... noid – ppooll [laptop]

in the longtime duo "ease" klaus filip and noid play their freeware "ppooll" in the search of the beauty of genuine truth.

"... a music that generates a hypnotic atmosphere out of musical atoms like: sine waves, clicks, feedback and noise. once in a while giving a reference to real world by playing sounds of everyday life. very pure, very fragile, beautifully restrained."

download info

........................................................................... b:f:n ....................................................

... bfn

cordula boesze - flute | wolfgang fuchs - turntables | noid - cello

b:f:n info (in german)

.................................................... lemon synthesizer .....................................................


collaborational project, originally concieved by akemi takeya, gordon monahan and me,
currently developed by akemi takeya and me.

starting point is the idea that the currency generated by a lemon can control musical instruments, but of course we are aware of the political dimension as well.


================(live composing software)==========lloopp=========================

since klaus filip is my roomate here on dornerplatz I got infected, and programmed some patches for the electronic live playing and improvising software lloopp, that are more than helpful to realize all my electronic music projects.

also it's always fun to hold workshops and lectures

it's free and available here.


============noise shower=======================================================

 ...always nice to take a shower....

installation @ klingt.org '09

==============friendly takeover=================================================

invading natural invironments with my instrument
trying to transform them while staying as invisible as possible
being respectful and gentle, but as clear as possible at the same time

=======music for 5 instruments and a gun=============

october 2008 i'm invited to do a residency in nodar / portugal. i will work on the project "music for 5 instruments and a gun" which is a kind of a child of my friendly takeovers


thinking about pop music has been neglected lately - let's not ignore the reality!


=========you're not here======installation=======================================

- an imaginary architecture as acoustical intervention
- a tightrope walk between abstraction and perceptibility
- a thinking about the preconditions of listening to music

an installation version of my cd with the same title, for 2-8 loudspeakers according to the room

you're not here.rtf


huddle is a project dealing with the daily live use of mobile music devices.
it is taking a sample of what people are listening to,
privately but in public spaces,
simultaneously but each by oneself.
huddle is joining it together in a public but intimate space.
it is creating a common private audio reality, composed of individual choices.

here is a more detailled project description: huddle.pdf


========dingus tones=================i don't know yet what it is=====================

the sound of things....

========wann kommt musik?===========w/ erik hable======(kofomi05)===============

videoinstallation built around the ideas of the cello as an object:

- that can invade and transform various enviroments,
- that is a apecial filter to reality,
- that gets played as an instrument by the surrounding sounds.

there is also a performance performance-version, where sound and video is transmitted live to a screen/PA system from just outside of the venue.


=====================ensemble resonance===============(kofomi 2005)=============

By using a simple electronic manipulation,  4-6 acoustic instruments are transformed to feedback-modulators. The challenge for the players is to let go of the idea of playing their instruments in favour of affecting a process that goes on by itself. Minimal changes in the positioning of the instrument etc... produce a wide range of different feedbacks, influencing one another, mixing in the room,   and generating complex harmonic structures.

The task for the players is to look for instability within this system and try to maintain it.

Every instrument is amplified by the appropriate speaker. Using the electronic to generate feedback at a very low level is necessary, to keep it in an unstable and susceptible condition.


===========die selbstschenkerin=================================================

installation after the character "die selbstschenkerin" from elias canetti's book "der ohrenzeuge" (the ear witness).

originally made for the festival "der ohrenzeuge" june '05 @ kleylehof
also on exhibition @ konfrontationen nickelsdorf '05


=====================================monodigmen=======(cello solo)=============

"when the point comes, where I think: "it's not possible to play any longer," I continue playing.
when I reach the point where I think: "I can play for hours," I stop.
I'm trying not to make any changes but I'm not making an effort to avoid changes that occur."

the program transfers the loop-aesthetics of electronic music to instrumental performance. short patterns, repeated for a certain amount of time, set a focus to microstructures of the cello-sound. within the pieces there is no development - in fact it's more about being set to a certain condition than about composition; time passes anyway and takes effect.
on the other hand there are extremely short pieces that have already past when you recognise their occurrence with the same importance as the longer ones.
the patterns themselves feature extreme resonances of the instrument, the performer and the performance situation. It's all about the reality of sound, body and movement, rather than the fiction of expressivity.

"the perception of an organism is manifested in it's movements, the movement conditions the organism's perception.
feedback loops like this (circulus creativus) tend to create (multi-) stabile conditions (eigen values).
after disturbances the organism comes back to these conditions quite quickly."
(heinz von foerster)


========instant monodigmen====================================================

improv vs. monodigmen.
cello solo improv that is interrupted by looped parts, which are set by another person (observer/conductor: klaus filip) with two different light-situations.

open-room - situation means: improvise
spotlight on me means: loop what you played last

the length of the fade between this two situations can be taken as a proposal for the loop-length.

this concept was created for the festival garage /stralsund: "forget it - don't trust your archives"


=========multidigmen======composition-series based on the ideas of monodigmen=========

- instant multidigmen (kofomi 2005)

composition for self-conducting improvising ensemble.
The piece is also built around the idea of playing non-changing loops with mechanical instruments, although in this case the loops are not composed material, they are chosen by the other players from the improvisation.

Perhaps a brief description would clarify this:

Each player is assigned a light which carries the following meaning:

Lamp on: repeat in a loop what you've just played
Lamp off: continue your play from before you were caught in the loop.

Every player has a footswitch that effects the lamps of the others.Collective decisions set players on loop or release, but one can never change their own light.

- vers. b 0.2 "cellowork"

for a large amount of celloplayers

download score

- vers. b 0.1 "unabhängigkeit"

composition/performance/installation for 6 musicians/performers, 6 speakers and 6 tv-screens
realised 26.06.2003 in wasserturm/vienna, festival "fluten2"

composition - only because it's a dialogue it doesn't men it's interesting
architecture - projections of reality
installation - disintegration of causality
audience situation - directions of time

download documentation/score


===========falling upwards===========composition for cello, radio and live-electronics=====

a radio-live-broadcast-performance-situation, using the technical realization of the stereo-broadcast.

The cello sound is broadcasted on the left channel. It is also used to remote-controle the live-electronics-system that is recording this channel with a radio-receiver and processes the signal for the broadcast of the right channel. Gradually, the MPX-tone (19kHz) that is used to seperate the stereo-sound is shifted into an audible frequency.

composed for " ars electronica /long night of radioart" september 04
also performed some days later @ WKCR / live constructions (NYC)


========================laptop conduction=====/w klaus filip=======================

max/msp conduction patch for small to middle - size improvising ensembles

laptop conduction#1 performed and recorded @ amann studios vienna 15.04.2005

o.blaat - lloopp / noid - cello / bernhard loibner - max/msp / silvia
faessler - lloopp / cordula boesze - flöte / klaus filip - lloopp


====recordings of empty spaces=====(strongly related to the quote of foerster above)==========

used in the performance >back to front<

dance: mariella greil
music: noid
stagedesign: walter lauterer
video: marika rákóczy

starting from self-referential processes and feedback-loops we deal with the resulting eigen-values that the observer could also interpret as stable conditions on various levels: body as place, music as zoom, text-structures becoming light.

"is there an other side of the subject?"


===subproject: recordings of the inside of my instrument=========

I did some recordings september '04 in NYC,
used one in the track"gebetscello" (/w frans poelstra and mariella greil),
released on the CD "superrouter - local proof net - labor #1".

...hopefully coming more soon....



abstract groove improv - started up @ v:nm - festival graz 27.05.2005

herwig neugebauer - bass / reini winkler - drums / noid - cello


========(cello / bass)=================duo w/ manfred hofer =======================

we already tried out several names: starting with solosoloduo, then changed to solo solo duo, whicht fit quite well for a while,
but then we changed the style of playing and tried NIMA, which is not bad and not good either - any suggestions for a better name are more than welcome.

still our duo is based on our two solo programs monodigmen and NUORS, but it's heading more and more towards a group identity.


==duo w/ wolfgang fuchs================================(turntables / cello)==========

you find a recording on the mp3-section of this site.


==============speakersaver=============(laptop solo)============================

this laptop performance imitates a living system, using his laptop as a self-referential machine (constructed with various kinds of feedback- loops). In this structure I act as a regulator to balance various influences and effects such that a stable state or a stable behavior is maintained. but of course, sometimes that doesn't work.


=======(cello solo)========ausflug ins gruene =====================================

walter robotka asked me already years ago if I would like to record for a vinyl 7". and after all this years of thinking and making concepts I threw them all away and recorded two cello-solo pieces just like that. was great fun! will be released shortly (take under account how long it took to record) on klanggalerie.


==(acoustic singer songwriter band)=====w/ daniel mölksmith, christian and gü=============

noid going pop, first album will be released soon!


=ececutive ensemble=============(plays early music of steve reich)=====================

w/  martin brandlmayr:  organ, mikrophone /  gerlinde fritz:  organ, mikrophone / noid:  organ, cello, mikrophone / oliver stotz:  organ, mikrophone, computer / günther castanetti:  maracas, mikrophone